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10 office snacks foodies are missing the most in lockdown

Apart from the office life's routineness, daily challenges and interaction with colleagues, one another thing which every office goer is missing the most during lockdown is the office snacks we loved binging on daily.

Social Anda brings to you some very common yet loved-by-all snacks which hold a very important position in our office life.

1. Chai-Samosa

Chai-samosa : after office snack loved by all

Chai-samosa : after office snack loved by all (taste-bird)

Chai-samosa is the Jai-Veeru of Indian office pantry. They are so ubiquitous that an office day seems incomplete without savouring it's taste.

2. Bhel Puri Chaat

bhel puri

Bhel Puri Chaat (Foodhopp)

Made up of puffed rice and vegetables with seasoning of dhania-leaves & tamarind sauce, it is the most loved snack of area around Mumbai.

3. Panipuri

The taste explosion which you experience inside your mouth after having this is simply unmatched.

It consists of round, hollow Puri which is filled with aloo-chokha, tasty masala pani, onion & chickpeas.

For people with sweet tooth, there is an additional option of having sweet panipuri.

4. Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda (poorniskitchenstories)

It is a fried snack made from several types of flour and curd. With a tough exterior and melt-in-the-mouth interior, it is a perfect accompanying snack for evening tea in offices.

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5. Chakli, Karnataka

Chakli (Karnataka)

Chakli, Karnataka (

Chakli is a spiral shaped snack made from rice flour, wheat flour, bengal gram and black gram. Earlier was made during Diwali festival but now it's recipe has spread far and beyond.

6. Khandvi, Gujarat

Khandvi, Gujarat

Khandvi, Gujarat (bombaydotberlin)

Basically associated with Maharashtra & Gujarat, it is a yellow, bite-size-cut pieces  made with gram flour and yogurt.

7. Bhunja Mixture

Bhunja Mixture

Bhunja Mixture (source)

After Chai samosa is the most famous evening snack of North India.

Comes in various versions. But most common one includes roasted rice, mixture of peanuts, various spiced pulses, coconut dried-ups, spices, salt and mustard.

8. Pakodey


Pakodey (source)

Pakodas are fried snacks made by frying a mixture of besan and vegetables in small portions. Very suitable for having with tea.

9. Paratha


Paratha (Source)

For people who would like to have something slightly heavier than a snack, parathas are a handy option.

They come in several versions but the most common one includes stuffed potato inside parathas.

10. Chinese noodles & momos

Chinese noodles & momos

Chinese noodles & momos (source)

Like every place else, it would not be possible to conclude office -snack section without including any Chinese snack.

Chinese noodles was famous since past many years, but recently Chinese Momo's have become a raze amongst the millennials.

Conclusion :

So, what among them are you missing the most?

Feel free to answer in comment section below.

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