38 % Of People with 100% Office Attendance Are Complaining Of Malnourishment. Read to Know Why.

38 % Employees with Full Office Attendance Are Complaining Of Malnourishment. Read to Know Why.

Amidst Corona imposed lockdown, a different kind of worry is emanating from the country capital.

As per our sources, Daily Office Goer’s Association of India has filed a petition in Supreme Court seeking compensation for their health deterioration caused by Central Government’s unilateral decision to impose lockdown.

They say, “We were highly dependent on office chai and Maggi for our daily survival. But lockdown coupled with closing of food outlets such as Swiggy has reduced us to scavengers.”

Another highly agitated member chipped in, “Infact, you know what? Our position is no better than that office rat of ours who used to scurry around for titbits.”

As a proof he showed his fledgling biceps, showing clear signs of starvation.

When asked why they don’t cook inside their homes, they look towards their wives with caution and fear in their eyes. A member on terms of confidentiality revealed that these people don’t try cooking at home because of two reasons. One, to save money and another, to save themselves from their honey. Read wife.

Infact one major reason for these people going to office daily was their love of free office snacks. Experts believe that suddenly depriving them of these free snacks has broken them emotionally, leaving them more prone to Coronavirus.

Supreme Court has taken the matter seriously and has sought reply from Central Government on this. Also it has requested Baba Ramdev to teach them Bhookh-Bhagasan, an yoga technique to help people survive without eating.

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