4 types of guys unable to make a girl friend since the time of Ramayana

4 types of guys getting friend-zoned since the time of Ramayana

While world keeps evolving and changing over time, some things never change.

One such unchanging thing is the fate of men and women in relationships.

For example: Even today most of OSLA (one-sided-love-affairs) ends in boy getting friend-zoned.

And men continue to remain confused about the reasons behind their friend-zoning, just like ancient men.

Confusion has reached such a peak that several theories keeps floating in air every few months.

Latest one being, friend-zone is god’s apology for making you unattractive.

ha ha …

We at Social Anda consider it our moral obligation to clear some air over the phenomenon which Friend-zoning is.

Meaning of friendzone:

Cambridge dictionary considers friend-zoning as the state of being friends with someone, you would instead like to be involved romantically.

Here, a girl remains your "girl friend", and never become your "Girlfriend".

The difference between “Girlfriend” and “Girl Friend” is that little space in between. That little space is the “Friend Zone”.

Whether you become her “boyfriend” or “boy friend” depends on your being able to crawl that space out or not.

As stated, love story of most boys ends in getting friend zoned. But some seems to be specially skilled at it.

One such example is the boy below:

When You Are The Zonal Chairman Of Friendzone

The Zonal Chairman Of Friendzone club

Most of these friend-zoned guys belong to either of these 4 SHAL categories. (SHAL=super-hopeless-at-love)

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1.The Pleasers

A Pleaser is a person who tries hard to make people happy or to make people like them.

These are the guys who act nice. They are in a hurry to please everyone, come what may.

And in return for this, they want others to reciprocate, in ways they wish.

There is an amazing quote in movie Newton.

Newton, do you know what your problem is?
Newton: My honesty?
No, it’s your arrogance about your honesty. You want to be thanked for just doing your duty.

2.Those who are weak and needy

Girls like boys who are strong and independent. Not weak and needy.

Girls like boys who are strong and independent. Weak and needy ones get friendzoned.

Girls like boys who are strong, centered and live life on their own terms.

Boys who are sure of themselves and don’t change so easily for anyone, unless they themselves want it.

3.The under-confident ones

Girls like boys who are strong and independent. Not weak and needy.

Under confident boys form the bulk of friend zoned guys.

They believe that they don’t deserve a girl.

That she is way out of her league.

More beautiful, intelligent, rich, bla bla bla.

And since they don’t match her on these counts, they don’t deserve her.

Some guys believe they are not good enough for a girl. And they don’t deserve her.

4.Self-obsessed maniacs

self obsessed man

self obsessed man

Some guys only care about themselves. Their life, their desire, their wishes, and all.

Never ever they stop to care what their partner wants.

God has given girls the ability to sniff out such losers from even a crowd.

These self-obsessed selfish maniacs live for themselves, and end up living with themselves too.

Our suggestion:

Safety, excitement and challenge are the three “necessary but not sufficient” things girl look for in a guy.

But many relationships don’t graduate further even if the boy has all these.

There may be several reasons for it. Simplest being, she doesn’t look at you that way.

So you should never ever consider yourself “stuck” in a friend zone if something like this happens with you. You are never stuck if you really value your friendship with a girl.

And don’t think about breaking your friendship for it.

Anyway, breaking your friendship with a girl just because she is not willing to get intimate with you is a very lame idea.

You may come out of friend-zone but fall in ‘alone-zone’.

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