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5 Mind blowing facts about Alvaro Morte, “The Professor” from Money Heist

The “NETFLIX’ original production, “Money Heist” is a very popular series that is on everyone’s lips now.

It has also been rated as #1 most watched series in India as well as the world.

Social Anda here brings to you the top most mind boggling facts about Alvaro Morte, the top character of this top series of the world.

Happily married to Blanca Clemente

The 45 year old actor is married to a stylist Blanca Clemente. His wedding was a private affair away from the attention of the media house. It really shows that he loves his private life to be private.

Father of Twins

He is a proud father of fraternal twins, son Leon and daughter Julieta and we all know how special it is to be a parent to twins!!!

Survived a brush with Cancer

Alvaro Morte was diagnosed with tumour in his leg in 2011. He was quite startled and devastated on hearing the news. He was lucky enough to survive that.

Founder of a Theatre Company

‘300 Pistolas’ is the theatre company that is co-founded by him and his wife.

He is a bilingual.

Despite being a Spanish man, he is quite fluent in English and he draws a lot of fans on social media.

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