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6 Simple Hacks To Get More Likes, Shares and Comments

If Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the vehicle of your business’s growth, then your posts are the fuel.

Just as a vehicle can’t run without proper fuel, Your SMM strategies would not work too, without proper, shareable posts, which everyone likes, shares and comments.

Below we provide you with a checklist containing some super important tips & techniques, you can employ to turn your normal social posts into highly energized rocket fuel that will make your business go places.

But first, how to find what works and what not?

One evergreen technique to find what works on Social Media

Since time immemorial, every great marketer has employed one very simple technique to master the market.

Test-Test-And more test.

And, SMM is no exception.

You can find great SMM experts continually testing to find for themselves what content gets Likes, shares and comments for them and what not. Testing is the key to find what your target audience likes.

Tip: You should include a link in every post you make, because that way when your content gets shared your link also keeps sharing.

6 Checklists For Every Social Media Post

Keep it short

Posts with less than 80 characters get 23% more interaction.

While short posts get their place in reader’s mind and heart, long ones often end as trash, which nobody likes to see or cares about.

Use Photos :

Posts with photos have 39% higher interaction rate. It is easier for human mind to process image than text. Also, images do a much better work of arousing emotions, thereby making reader more inclined to take certain actions.

Employ Call To Actions :

Audiences are 3 to 7 times more likely to like, share and comment, if post tells them to do so.

CTAs which are forceful, clear, direct are very effective in eliciting response from vacillating readers and thus turning them into customers.

Learn to make compelling Call To Actions (CTAs).

70-20-10 Rule :

Excess of anything is bad everywhere. SMM is no exception.

To keep your posts interesting and purposeful, you should keep a mix of different types of content in it. Starters should aim at having 70% original content , 20% other people’s content and 10% of promotional material in their content plan.

Target Emotions : 

7 types of emotions most effective at eliciting response from readers are these : Amusement, Surprise, Heart-warming, Beautiful, Inspiring, Warning, Shocking.

Learn to add emotions to your rational arguments.

Content Types :

Content can be presented in different forms, called content types. Though forms can be many like Images, Facts, Charts, Quotes, Video, Interaction but what gets most shares are Memes, Quotes, Ecards, Infographics, Case studies, GIFs.

 If you just employ these 6 checklists in every social post, you will surely be amazed with the results.

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