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About Us

Srishti Singh

Srishti Singh

Blogger, Coder & a lover of dolls

My mission in life is to live it fully, experiencing everything it has to offer. While I am not blogging, coding or playing with my dolls, I love pranking people. Be wary of me 😉

Saswati Sharma


A passionate writer, animal lover, traveler and an engineer.
The fuel to my passion is curiosity and this curiosity inspires me to share my experiences.

saswati social anda

Our Story :

Two girls and two boys were fed up of their haggling boss and their routine life.

What did they do?

Boys went to the bar.

And girls created a WEBSITE!

(And as for why they did so, you will get to know later in this post)

We are the same two girls, and that website is the one you are presently at.


Why Social Anda:

your new gossip friend

Social Anda is created for the office going sorry asses like you and me, whose life has been so full of lemons and for such a long time, that lemonade has lost it's taste.

People like us who work for 10-12 hours per day seldom find any time for following our passions.

The max we can do in those occasional breaks is checking out our social media accounts, gossip and marvel at the good fortune of some.

At the end of those minutes, we neither feel entertained nor informed. Let alone rejuvenated.

We leave back for our office table feeling as dejected and depressed as we were while leaving it, just a few minutes back.

This was even our situation a few months back.

We thought it couldn't be more bad.

Then COVID-19 happened.

And we were forced to be locked inside our flat for 24x7.

Surprisingly, it proved to be a turning point for us.

We have spent our last few days doing things we like, in ways we like and in time we like.

This is the kind of life we always dreamt of living while as a child.

And after getting to live it after so many years, we won't be letting it go.

And for this reason, we took this big decision of starting our own venture "Social Anda".

Our motto: Bring fun back in the life of working professionals

Social Anda is envisioned as a SOCIAL MARKETING STARTUP started with the primary motive to make people reach out to millions and billions of other people with their ideas.

To do this we try to turn your ordinary message into a viral post which takes the social media channels by storm

Social Anda will help you live the life you want, follow the passion you desire and turn yourself into the person you dream of.

And all this while keeping you entertained and without needing any extra time on your part.

Just do your daily time-pass with us without spending more than 10-15 minutes ever.

And that will be enough to give you, your daily dose of laughter.

In other words, you will graduate from being an egg (with lots of potentialities ) to an omelette (an actuality).

Let's hatch.