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10 Funniest Twitter Handles Designed to Kill

Not everyone goes to Twitter for mere information. 

Some go there to feel entertained too.

And fortunately, there are some twitter handles so funny that they can make all your sadness & loneliness go away with that one single joke.

But sadly, not everyone know about them.

My suggestion for you is to go there at least once in an entire day so that your life is never short of fun.

Social Anda team brings to you a list of top 10 funniest twitter handles, guaranteed to make you laugh everytime.

1. Sir Michael @ Michael1979

He has a super secret agenda of getting all his online enemies banned from the world wide web. So, do not antagonise him. He can also help you face any technical problem. Go through his tweets to understand what I mean.

2.The-Lying-Lama 2.0 @KyaUkhaadLega

Apart from being a fitness freak and minimalist, this guy is also super funny. His take on events around us can seriously make your eyes moist with happiness.

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3. Karan Talwar @BollywoodGandu

Being a self proclaimed Gandu, he is abuse prone. So don't try swearing at him. With a twitter fan base of 3.1 million, he is also one of the most popular humorist in India.

4. Bored Elon Musk @BoredElonMusk

If you ever wondered about what Elon Musk thinks in his downtime, then have a look at this parody account. All your doubts will be entertained.

Some random thoughts of Bored Elon Musk's mind (funniest Twitter Handles)

Some random thoughts of Bored Elon Musk's mind

5. ROFL Gandhi 2.0 @RoflGandhi

No, It's not Rahul Gandhi's account. But a parody one. Most tweets from this twitter handle are on Bollywood, sports and politics. With a fan base as large as 525 k, it is super entertaining.

6. Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt

If you are in need of short one-liners, funny enough to make you laugh non-stop for hours, then this is the handle for you.

Sample this:

Keh ke pehno Some random thoughts of Bored Elon Musk's mind (funniest Twitter Handles)

Look at his tagline : "You came. You saw. You followed. You unfollowed. I never existed."

7. Ra_Bies 2.0 @Ra_Bies

Very few things are known about the person this handle except that he is random, feminist and not here to share pleasantries. Also, he is looking to migrate to North Korea.

Ra Bies twitter handle Some random thoughts of Bored Elon Musk's mind (funniest Twitter Handles)

This guy is looking to migrate to North Korea

What does one do when God himself tweets? Is it sin to find him funny? If yes, millions of people like me have committed that sin. Maybe no one can stop me from being fried in the fire of hell. With a follower base as large as 6.1 M, this handle is simply GODLY.

God Twitter Handle Some random thoughts of Bored Elon Musk's mind (funniest Twitter Handles)

Even God has complaints!

9. Fact Retriever, @factretriever

This handle is a collection of funny & witty facts designed to amuse you while educating you.

10. Brilliant Ads, @Brilliant_Ads

This handle shares interesting signs, advertisements, and marketing campaigns from around the world. Thought provoking to super cool.


Had a look at these handles? 

Aren't these hilarious?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you would like to add to the list by commenting below, Social Anda community would be grateful to you.

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