Government changes office timing

Government Changes Office Timings To Compensate For Lockdown Loss

Government has decided to increase office timings by 2 more hours to make up for the time lost during lockdown, WikiLeaks tape has revealed. Instead of earlier office timing of 09.00 am – 05.00 pm, the new timing has been decided as 04.00 pm – 11.59 pm in night.

Talking about the changes, Niti Ayog Spokesperson Mr. Ramdev told Social Anda that this new timing will not only compensate for work time loss during lockdown but absence of husbands in first half of night will also check the exponential increase in the number of expecting mothers seen during lockdown.

Social Anda had reported in the beginning itself that out of work Indian males are misutilizing this lockdown period getting further locked in their bedrooms with their wifes and Gfs, flouting all social distancing rules.

This move has got mixed response from the government servants. Some are happy that this new timing will give them an opportunity to get high in office itself with their colleagues, without any pressure of their strict wives. Others are a bit apprehensive though.

Bachelor employees are complaining that evening was the only time when they could get some action inside parks with their partners. But now they will have to do it in broad daylight, which is dangerous as they could be identified by sibling of their partners.  Some employees with left leaning are fearful that going home after 12 in night will make them easy targets of Ghosts of CPI-killed RSS men. They were seen reciting Hanuman Chalisaa by heart.

We visited one of the model office located in state capital and were  surprised at what we saw. Employees were having a gala time in the middle of night. Some were playing Nukka-Chippi (hide and seek), others were trying to recite a Vashikaran mantra which only worked in night at a particular time, trying to bring Modi under control.

Female employees who earlier had to be content with just sewing Woolen clothes in office time, now were also cooking in the office. Overall entire atmosphere was electric with different kinds of work being done. The only thing missing was : Office works.

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