Indians mass boycott liquor

Liquor Shops Open But Finds No Buyers As Indians Mass Boycott It For The First Time ever

While whole world was trying to forget their worries by dissolving it in alcohol, something unprecedented happened in India which has surprised everyone.

Under heavy influence of Ramayana, Indian tipplers have decided to mass boycott all forms of intoxicants, chiefly liquor.

Matter took a serious turn when all 140 crore Indians (including 10 crore Bangladeshis)  remained sober for the entire day on May 3, the day all liquor shops were opened for the first time in nearly 2 months. This has sent a shockwave to entire political circle who are now without their most potent vote snatching tool.

The president of Bar-owner’s Association of India, Mr. Bejan Daruwala expressed his anguish as, “You can understand the gravity of the situation by the simple fact that not a single case of rape, eve-teasing, wife-beating or even child molestation was reported for the entire day. Apart from making newspapers boring, it also holds the danger of making Indian police force lethargic, if this trend continues.”

Our reporter reached a former tippler who was dancing to the tunes of “Daru Badnam Karti”, while being in all his senses. Also a heavy Modi supporter, he said just one line, Na Piynga, Na Peene Dunga”.

Even students who earlier needed an excuse to get intoxicated have now replaced daru with healthy drinks such as Amul Milk and coconut water.

To understand how drastic change this has been, we reached a priest who said, “Earlier temples were free to enter but remained empty. While pubs charged for entry but were always full. Now it is the opposite”.

After confirming this news, IMF has reduced India’s GDP projection by further 0.5%.

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