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Is Social Media Marketing really Important?

Let's have a look at features of Social Media Marketing (SMM), which give it an edge over normal marketing methods. Some people say SMM is overhyped while others vouch for it. This post of Social Anda will make things clearer for you.

Increased Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition is the ability of a consumer to make a distinction between two products based on their attributes and design elements. Companies use social media as a tool to make people aware of the features and qualities of their products, thus creating a brand image of their product in their minds.

Increase Brand Awareness using Social Media.

Improved Brand Loyalty

With knowledge of a product’s features and qualities in his mind, when a social media user decides to buy a product, he obviously buys the one he knows about most. In this game for mind control, companies with best Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies is the winner.

How to use Social Media to increase Brand loyalty.

More Opportunities To Convert

Unlike real markets, where salesman gets only one chance to influence buyer’s mind, in social media marketing, companies get many chances to mould reader’s mind towards their product.

Higher Conversion Rate

With greater control over buyer’s mind, social media marketing gives better conversion rate than other marketing forms.

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Higher Brand Authority

Social Media Marketing makes a brand more trustworthy among it’s customers, besides making it look like a subject matter expert. All this enhances it’s Brand Authority.

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Increased Inbound Traffic

In Social Media Marketing, internet itself is the market place. Every link given in the social media has the potential to bring prospective customers back to the website, where products can be bought, at just a click.

How to use SMM to improve inbound traffic?

Decreased Marketing Costs

With no need of physical infrastructure, the marketing cost in SMM is reduced significantly. Besides, marketing strategies also become more effective, as there is a direct conversation between the company and the customer. There is also possibility of large scale automation with tools like IFTTT (If-This-Then-That)

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Better Search Engine Rankings

With the ability to monitor likes, shares, comments and other such aspects, social media provides a much better way to identify a product’s popularity, thus making a product’s rankings more authentic.

SMM strategies to boost your SEO

Richer Customer Experiences

Customer truly is the king in social media marketing, where every ounce of effort is directed to make his experience pleasant and satisfying. Besides, as there is a direct connection of customer with company, trust factor is also enhanced.

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Improved Customer Insights

With Social Media Marketing, Companies are able to track the mood, trends and choices of customers in a much better way, thus enabling better customer targeting.

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All above points thus leave no doubt left that SMM is not only a hands down winner in present times, but it will remain so for a long time to come.

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