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Kim Jong Un: Dead or Alive? (In 10 Tweets)

Every social media platform is abuzz with the death of Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea. Everybody is saying different things but no body is sure about anything.

Social Anda brings to you entire chain of events as reported on Tweeter by Tweeples. Some sad, some poking fun to some outrightly personal & mean.

Let's have a look.

Rumour mill about his ill-health began working overtime after this tweet by CNBC

First viral tweet about his ill health leading him to die

Also came a report by TMZ giving credence to death claim

Between his ill health and death came several tweets, some funny, some rude and others extremely mean.

Some made fun

Even trump tweeted (Parody)

Some celebrated

Some were extremely mean making fun of his sister

Few guys started predicting a power struggle

Some found her to be far more evil and dangerous than Kim Kong Un himself

Some started finding her HOT

Few accused her to be the killer of her brother


What do you guys believe?

As for me, nothing is certain as of yet.

But there are two factors making me wait a bit more before taking these rumours seriously.

1. Kim has done this several times previously too.

2. Reports like one reported below are further creating suspense.

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