Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-Un Is Healthy And Kicking, Makes Public Appearance To Clear All Doubts

Kim Jong Un, beloved Korean dictator and winner of this year’s Noble Peace prize made a public appearance tomorrow, putting all speculations about his health and death to rest.

Ever since then, most media house owners who were furiously gathering TRP by reporting about his possible death have gone underground, citing gastric issues.

The first to report about Kim being alive was a Social Anda reporter who had gone to Antarctica to investigate Greenhouse warming. On tracing the Greenhouse gases back to their origin point, he reached a cave where Kim was smoking and reading a book on “10 Ways To Survive Arnab Goswami’s Talk Show”.

This proves the point of renowned scientist Donald trump who had famously claimed that, “Greenhouse is nothing but a fantasy of idiots. And the source of all heat and smoke which other scientists always talk about, is their constipated farts”

Kim told that he was there for social distancing and also for preparing his Noble Prize ceremony speech which he was to give in some time. Antarctica was the best place to practice speech-giving as there was a natural echo in the air.

When pointed that the function hall will be a closed auditorium, with no such natural echo, he gave a mysterious reply and just said that, “Jingu will do it. He has Corona”. Jingu is how he addresses his dear friend Xi Jinping, Chinese premier.

This also gives credence to Trump’s claim that Corona is nothing but a Chinese tool to destroy humanity and take the world back to the ice age. All just to make Kim’s speech resonate.

Our readers should know that Kim Jong Un is widely credited for transforming North Korea through his ingenious moves. Ever since he started the policy of executing press reporters who report crimes, North Korea has become world’s only totally crime free region.

Also, to improve the physique and overall health of Korean people, he started the deliberate policy of impoverishment. making Korea a 100% obesity free zone.

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