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Selecting Brand Username – One Step That Makes All The Difference

The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is an aphorism which asserts that 80% of what we get in life is a result of just 20% of our efforts.

Interestingly, this principle is applicable even to Social Media Marketing, where a good username can alone catapult your brand to great heights.

Opposite holds true for a bad username. It alone can sink your business to such depth that no amount of effort can save it.

In this SocialAnda post, we will learn how to select an awesome username for our brand. And what to do when our brand name is already taken and not available for us.

Two tools that will save you tons of time

Before starting to lock your username on different social media platforms, you first need to check which of these are available and which are not.

One very rudimentary and time-consuming way of doing this is to personally visit each social media platform and trying to register your desired username. If it is available, it gets registered, otherwise it tells you to choose another.

Imagine doing this for each desired username, on different platforms!

Fortunately, you can do this and a hell lot more and that too INSTANTLY.

Just go to these two websites (Namechk or Namecheckr), place your desired username in search option and press enter. In just one click, you will know if your username is available, and on what platforms and many many things more.

But, what to do if your brand name is not available i.e. it is already taken?

What does one do when his first choice is not available? He opts for the second best.

Below, we are sharing some super useful tips and tricks to pick username for your brand.

Use these words : 

Official, real, The, This is, I am, We are, Try, Use, Get, Join, buzz, talk, says, that etc.

Include Country of operation :

eg: Samsung Mobile US @SAmsungMobileUS

Use Industry / Business name :

eg: [email protected]

Use Initials :

eg: [email protected]

Mention Service :

eg: [email protected]

Use a main keyword from your niche :

eg: [email protected]

Shorten It :

eg: [email protected]

Use your URL :

eg: [email protected]

Use part of your name :

eg: [email protected]

Pro-tip: Use (It gives you new username ideas by combining two or more words. Though more targeted towards domains, but is still useful).

Qualities of a good username

Keep It Short - Shorter the username, more is the probability of it sticking in reader's mind.

Make It Memorable - Employing techniques like Rhyme, Alliteration etc will make your username stick out from the crowd.

Should Be easy To Type - Otherwise your traffic can get directed to some other website.

Should Be Consistent - Every social media handle of your website should have the same username.

No numbers and underscores - As these will make your username confusing and difficult to remember.

Make It Expressive - Reader should guess from your username, what your business does.

Other Important tools

  • The can help you search rhymes, near rhymes, poems, synonyms and the works of Shakespear
  • The can help you discover words with common unpredictable meanings
  • Use to find words or phrases that mean exactly or nearly the same thing
  • Use to find related words, adjectives and even references in literature.
  • Get Cool name ideas here.

Hopefully with these tips and techniques your quest for a lovely username will find fruition.

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