This is why Indians love throwing stones so much

This is why Indians love throwing stones so much

If recent spurt of stone throwing incidents are anything to go by, it seems Indians have finally found what they most love doing.

And it is – Stone throwing.

They love it so much that they have decided to do it everytime and everywhere.

You ask them to show papers, they throw stones.

You ask them to have a free medical checkup, they throw stones.

You ask them “Bhaiya, Aapki zip khuli hui hai?”. They again throw stones.

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Children as young as two months can be seen trying to throw whatever they can get hold of.

Attention: Volunteers needed

One old woman, unable to bend to pick up stones threw her dentures over a healthcare professional. Now she is standing there for two days, waiting for someone to pick up her teeth and give them back. People living close-by can volunteer to help.

Young boys are also demanding PUBG to give them a “kill by stone” weapon in the battlefield. They say they will use it to kill all female PUBG players with short top & other western dresses.

Some stone throwers are demanding PUBG to give them an option to kill by stone throwing

If approved, beautiful girls like this would come under most threat

SocialAnda team caught hold of one such stone thrower and tried to understand the reasons behind them doing so.

What came out surprised even us.

He said that stone throwing is a mental creativity project assigned to them by their teacher. Apparently their teacher told them that the boys who throw the farthest will get girl, the cutest.

But as I am a peaceful person, I don’t target whole body. I only aim at head”, he said.

On question of how do they arrange so many stones, he said that it was the easiest part of their homework. Almost 90% of these stones are weeded out from the rice & dal that comes in their house.

Hearing this, Road construction department has decided to procure millions of tons of rice bags. They hope to collect enough stones from them to complete 10 highway projects by year end.

Latest Development :

On seeing the immense talent of these Indians, International Olympic Committee has decided to include the Stone-throwing competition from next Olympic edition.

Meanwhile, Indian government will be sending them to Steinstossen competition in Switzerland to practice their art.

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